DOCTORGEO&DOCTORSPA - Clinics and medical resorts abroad with Russian language - Archive of OTDYKH Leisure-2018

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DoctorGEO&SPA founded by Natalie Strokovska in 2012 as a big web portal in Russian about clinics, resorts, spa and wellness abroad. Today the company acting in 4 Russian-speaking countries - Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.
The company cooperates with clinics in more than 30 countries. The main countries are Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Spain. Applications come from patients from different CIS countries.
The new project is “DoctorSPA Travel” is devoted to sale medical packages of spa resorts and hotels. This is a B2B platform, the partners are doctors who directly sell the spa recovery to the patient.
The company also publishes its own journal on treatment and health improvement abroad DoctorGEO&SPA . Іncludes the marketing department in medical tourism for foreign companies who want to express themselves in Russian.


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