Emotions Are Georgia - Archive of OTDYKH Leisure-2018

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Emotions Are Georgia
Georgia is famous for its hospitality. We love sharing our country with our guests and they, in return, enjoy sharing photos and stories of their journey with friends and family members.These are straightforward, heartfelt and uncensored“ reviews”, written not by professional travel writers, but by regular tourists - travelers from all around the world who’ve actually visited our country.
We’ve collected this valuable data, accumulated in 2017 by more than 7 000 000 visitors, sorted and analyzed it with help of Artificial Intelligence based tools to detect the most genuine human emotions shared on social media and as the result we have created a one of a kind guidebook of Georgia, fully generated by tourists. This is the first ever guidebook that features human emotions that are selected and chosen by complex Artificial Intelligence tools. Everything you need to know about our country is told through stories shared on social media by travelers who’ve experienced Georgia’s famous hospitality, embraced its ancient culture, and discovered its unique places and diverse cuisine independently. The main feature of the web-platform is the option to GENERATE YOUR OWN GUIDEBOOK of Georgia. After you give the website an access to your Facebook information or simply answering some quick questions, the website analyzes your data and generates an custom guidebook shaped according to your interests.
Georgian National Tourism Administration