BANYUWANGI - Archive of OTDYKH Leisure-2018

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Banyuwangi literally means scented water, which is associated with a local legend. Being the most Eastern city in Java, this is where morning first rises in the morning throwing its welcoming rays over Java, this lush green but also most densely populated island. Banyuwangi Regency is spread out over an area of 5,800 square kilometres, including the southern beaches, sheltered Indian ocean, the impressive mountains of the Raung, which is 3228 metres, while mount Merapi is at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level.
Banyuwangi city is the gateway to your research to see how wild animals roam freely in the reserve, alas Purvo, the oldest nature reserve on Java, go trekking through the Savannah of Baluran or find secluded and untouched beaches in Pulau Measures or G - Earth and journey to Sukamade beach, where turtles come to have hatched their eggs. Mountain climbers can climb up from Banyuwangi to the stunning Ijen crater and be amazed by blue flames that fall out among the yellow sulphurous rocks, cut and collected manually by traditional miners.

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Away from the sight of skyscrapers, dense and bustling concrete jungle, overcrowded trails, shimmering electric billboards, endless annoying noises and all the troubles of modern cities, you will find an unspoiled Paradise, where Mother nature and warm friendly people welcome you with all the exceptional wonders in Raja Ampat Islands Regency in the province of West Papua. With all the impressive miracles above and beyond, as well as on land and lush jungle it's really a place where words such as beautiful, charming, gorgeous and captivating, acquire its true physical meaning.