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NEW hotel management system Logus HMS + Sanatorium
We have developed a modern automated control system (ACS) hotel company that allows you to build business processes in hotel, motels, hotel, rest house, hostel or large hotel complex as it is convenient for You. Any object of hospitality is required to be unique.
The hotel management system, hotel Logus HMS allows to implement any technology for doing business, to build a competent dialogue with guests and customers, making the complex simple.Logus HMS is not cloud-based hotel management system, and client-server application. It is installed on a server hotels, and for the Russian market at present is the introduction, in our opinion, better and more reliable than cloud hotel management system with security system for databases and web hosting, quality and safety which in the General case is opaque to the hotel.Unlike cloud-based hotel management systems, Logus HMS easily fit in with any peripheral system (for example, fiscal printers). At that time, as a cloud hotel management system is directly dependent on the availability and performance of the Internet, Logus operates autonomously without reference to the Internet, it is also an additional advantage from the viewpoint of processing speed, because originally any Internet app can't provide the same speed as the client-server application.
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