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22 years in the Book-market! Publishing of POLYGLOTT Guides (more than 160 tytles) and BAEDEKER Guides. Distribution of books all over Russia, in CIS and Baltic States. Guides "by request". PUBLISHING of the magazine YACHT-RUSSIA and LIBRARY of YACHTSMEN.

Products and projects

The guide series "polyglot" - Croatia map!
Publishing house "ayaks-Press" is guide "Croatia" in the series "Russian guide - polyglot". Contains: 11 routes, 12 cards a big detailed map! 144 p. release Year 2018

The guide series "polyglot" - "Kaliningrad" with a map!
Now everyone is glad to fly to Kaliningrad!Publishing house "ayaks-Press" is the new guide "Kaliningrad oblast" in the series "Russian guide-polyglot". Volume: 144 p. publication date 2018

guide : Sochi: Sea and mountains
Publishing house "ayaks-Press" is another edition of "SOCHI. The sea and the mountains" in the series "Russian guide-polyglot". The guide is supplemented with a large amount of relevant information, contains 11 routes, 15 maps on routes and detailed map in the trim pocket on the cover.

The guide series "polyglot" - Lisbon with a map!
Publishing house "ayaks-Press" is an updated version of the guide "Lisbon". The guide contains: 11 routes, 11 maps large detailed map! Volume: 128 pages publication Year 2018.

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