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We work since 1995 and know the market thoroughly.
Our portfolio includes over 60 events, 26 destinations (countries), 330 tour operators and 30 hoteliers.
STI media and event projects will help you to expand your share at the regional travel markets and along with that to save time and expenses for promotion.
We know how to segment your target audience and what offline and online tools are mostly suitable for solving your problems.
STI projects:
1. STP-Siberian Tourist web-Portal ( STI E-Bulletin. 3800 addresses
2. Professional Workshop STI (
3. Event- marketing (road-shows, seminars, business-breakfast, etc)
4. B2C-events and festivals («Thai Day» (, «Bridge to Korea», «Macao Day»)
5. Targeted advertising campaigns (B2B, В2С)

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Address: p.o. box 159, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630078

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