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Swiss Insider Tours, Widmer was founded by Reto Widmer, a Swiss geographer and academic (ETH and University of Zurich), and his wife Martine Widmer (de Montmollin), an economist (University of Geneva) and former professor at the International University of Monaco in the area of luxury watches.
Tours take place in all four linguistic regions of Switzerland and are all customized to clients' needs. Mountains, lakes, chocolate, watches, cheese, skiing, hiking, shopping or meeting locals - discover its hidden treasures with us.
Limousine and taxi services include transfers to and from Zurich and Basel airports to all of Switzerland and its' surrounding countries (France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein).

Discover the unique beauty of the Swiss Alps and landscapes! Switzerland is a small country with a lot of variety - many cultures and four languages, and it is easy to get around. Nature lovers in summer or in winter, outdoor enthusiasts and lifestyle travelers love it.
Widmer Martine
CEO and Owner
Swiss Insider Tours, Widmer Швейцарские инсайдерские туры


Martine Widmer studied economics at the University of Geneva. Monaco (2007-2011) in the field of luxury goods and services, where she created modules for Swiss luxury watches. She was born in Geneva and is a world traveler.
She married the Swiss geographer Reto Widmer in 2016. Together they created Swiss Insider Tours, Widmer. Martine is fuent in French, English, German & Haitian creole and studied Italian in school.
Martine is best known under her former name, Martine de Montmollin (before marrying Reto) when she wrote a book about Swiss interculturality and another book about the Swiss luxury watch industry.
She holds seminars on cultural diversity in Switzerland for international companies and manages the company.


Widmer Reto
Tour guide and Co-owner
Swiss Insider Tours, Widmer


Reto Widmer is Swiss geographer and teacher, born in the German speaking part of Switzerland. He has been organizing tours and guiding groups for over twenty years, not only in Switzerland, but also in destinations such as French Polynesia or in Europe. He has a fascination for rail systems, cable cars and all transportation systems. This makes him extraordinary in logistics for the tours he organizes. His academic background enables him to transmit his knowledge in an interesting and simple way. He is always happy to answer travelers' questions about his home land and to show them Switzerland's hiddden treasures.


Products and projects

Watches, chocolate and cheese...
Visit a watch manufacture up in the mountains, a cheese farmer with his cows, or enjoy a workshop with an award-winning chocolatier.

Historic trains and churches
Book a historic train for your special events, for example the Churchill Red Arrow, a beautiful sight in a stunning landscape (up to 100 persons). We offer historic tours with historic churches often unknown to most tourists

Glaciers all year round, private cable cars
Enjoy breathtaking walks above glaciers, during the summer or winter season. We offer rides on private cable cars, where you can discover the stunning beauty of the Swiss alps, meet cheese-producing farmers or eat typical Swiss food in mountain restaurants locals go to.

Taxi and luxury limousine services
Swiss Insider Tours offers a range of vehicles, ranging from simple taxis to high-end luxury limousines. These include Mercedes S class or V class, BMW, stretch limousines or a white Rolls Royce for weddings, for example. All car are driven by professional chauffeurs, which are accredited in Switzerland.

Contact details

Address: Rummelring 5, 5610 Wohlen / CH

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