Watches, chocolate and cheese... - Archive of OTDYKH Leisure-2018

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Watches, chocolate and cheese...
Visit a watch manufacture up in the mountains, a cheese farmer with his cows, or enjoy a workshop with an award-winning chocolatier.
Swiss insider Tours

Other products

Historic trains and churches
Book a historic train for your special events, for example the Churchill Red Arrow, a beautiful sight in a stunning landscape (up to 100 persons). We offer historic tours with historic churches often unknown to most tourists

Glaciers all year round, private cable cars
Enjoy breathtaking walks above glaciers, during the summer or winter season. We offer rides on private cable cars, where you can discover the stunning beauty of the Swiss alps, meet cheese-producing farmers or eat typical Swiss food in mountain restaurants locals go to.

Taxi and luxury limousine services
Swiss Insider Tours offers a range of vehicles, ranging from simple taxis to high-end luxury limousines. These include Mercedes S class or V class, BMW, stretch limousines or a white Rolls Royce for weddings, for example. All car are driven by professional chauffeurs, which are accredited in Switzerland.