Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities - Archive of OTDYKH Leisure-2018

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Palestine rediscover you scenses

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Address: P.O. Box 534-Bethlehem-Palestine
Fax: ++970-2-2741581

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Arab Hotel Association
The Arab Hotel Association (AHA) is non-profit, officially registered organization representing Palestinian hotels throughout the Holy Land and assisting other related tourism associations in Palestine. AHA was established in Jerusalem in 1962 and currently has 82 members with well over 6010 guest rooms.

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Epic Tours

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Holy Land Incomimg Tour Operators Associations
The Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA), is a network built by the shareholders of the Palestinian tourism sector. Our association represents 50 incoming tourism professionals serving the wider Holy Land including Palestine, Jordan, Israel & Egypt.

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Network of Experimental Palestinian Tourism Organizations
To develop, consolidate, coordinate, and promote the humanistic, cultural, heritage, historic, solidarity, and environmental programs and to incorporate them into the Palestinian tourism and cultural developmental frame through the establishment of a representative coalition of common efforts producing tourism programs

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