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Палестина, Министерство туризма - Palestine, The Holy Land - Архив выставки ОТДЫХ / LEISURE-2018

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With a history that envelopes more than one million years, Palestine has played an important role in human civilisation. Its rich and diverse past, abundant cultural heritage, and religious sites of the three monotheistic faiths including the birth of Jesus Christ, make Palestine a unique country.
Visitors to Palestine will encounter myriad religious, historical, natural and archaeological sites distributed along its famous cities: Jerusalem (al-Quds)- the Holy City, Bethlehem – The City of the Nativity, Jericho – the lowest and oldest town on earth, Ramallah – the city of culture, leisure and gastronomy, Hebron – the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Nablus - The uncrowned Queen of Palestine, Jenin – The Garden Spring and Gaza – The southern Gate of Asia. Visitors will enjoy Palestine sumptuous cuisine and feel the warmth and hospitality of the Palestinian people.
Palestine is very proud of its tourism facilities, services and tourism professionals.


Palestine rediscover you scenses

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Адрес: P.O. Box 534-Bethlehem-Palestine
Телефон: ++970-2-2741581
Факс: ++970-2-2741581
E-mail: majedishaq@travelpalestine.ps

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